Palm Weevil Research Project Gets Ok


The Board of Directors granted permission at the February 2, 2023, Board Meeting for a palm weevil pheromone trapping study in select areas of Association-managed properties, roadsides and trails. The RSF Association and Forest Health Health and Preservation Committee responded to numerous member reports and complaints about the pest by hosting a Palm Weevil Management and Mitigation Community Meeting on January 25, 2023, where entomologist and palm weevil expert, Dr. Mark S. Hoddle, presented the details of his plan to study and reduce the infestations in Rancho Santa Fe. Dr. Hoddle has been awarded a $1 million dollar grant from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation to carry out this project which will use "Attract and Kill" methods by strategically placing 1,250 aggregate pheromone and insecticide-laced dollop traps (shown above) through out the Ranch and in surrounding communities. Trap installations will begin in the next couple of months and will hang in non-palm trees about 1.5 meters above the ground and be marked with warnings to avoid contact. This study will last for two years and be conducted at no cost to the Association.