RSF Connect FAQs

What goes into building fiber into a community?

Bringing fiber services to a community is a resource-intensive project that requires careful research and planning. Projects are normally divided into several phases including engineering and design, permitting, construction, drops, and final in-home installation.

Once construction nears completion, Race will contact you to place your order. At that time, you may choose services you want for your home or business.

How long does the construction phase take?

Construction will take up to 12 months to complete. To check progress, please visit the Progress section on the RSF Connect website. 

How will fiber get from the street to my home?

Line extensions or “drops” to your home will be done via underground conduit. Drops will run from the “Christy Box” on the street directly to your home. Some homes have existing conduit and Race will do their best to use those whenever possible. In cases where existing conduit does not exist, a certified Race Engineer will come to your home and outline the best possible route to run the conduit.

Race has specific underground conduit specifications that the company adheres to. Should you choose to have an independent contractor complete the underground trench and conduit placement, those specifications must be met.

Click to view the Underground Placement Conduit Placement Specifications

Can I keep my old e-mail address or will Race provide me a new e-mail address?

Race does not offer an email address with our services. We suggest using a cloud based email service such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail if you choose to use Race Services.

How can I sign up for service?

We ask that you submit an inquiry as soon as possible. By submitting an inquiry, your information will be passed to our dedicated sales team that will keep you updated and contact you as soon as we begin accepting orders. Our sales concierge will schedule an appointment with you to review our services with you based on your needs and discuss the optimal route for the line extension to your home.

I am going out of town for an extended period of time; do I need to be on-site for the installation process?

You do not personally need to be home for installation, but an authorized adult over the age of 18 must be present.

When/how will I be notified when work is being done on my street or on my property?

Weekly construction information is listed on the RSF Connect website. In addition, you can submit an inquiry to stay up to date on construction in your area.

What will this cost me?

Our 1-gigabit internet service begins at $135/month and includes our gigabit capable router which is fully supported by our staff. Cost to run the fiber from the street to your home will require an itemized quote by a certified Race Engineer and will be custom to your property.

May I keep my current internet service if I want to?

You may always keep your current internet service should you choose to.

I live in a condo, can I receive service?

Yes, Race will provide service to condos that have authorized construction to the property.