Lock Your Car

Members have reported stolen items from their cars recently at the Golf and Tennis Club parking lots. Please always lock your cars and hide any valuables from outside view when parking in any populated area, including all parking lots and street parking in the Village. The Ranch and Clubs are safe areas, but proactive measures taken by members to protect their belongings will help deter theft and property damage. If you see anything suspicious, please call Patrol right away. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.


RSF Patrol reminds members to proactively deter home and vehicle burglaries by locking doors and windows, setting the alarm and closing the gate to your property. Members are advised to immediately call 911 in the event of any suspicious activity or vehicles in the Ranch. The Sheriff is investigating several residential burglaries that have occurred in and around Rancho Santa Fe in the past few weeks. The North Coastal Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit provides free home security consultations where owners will be provided tips to improve security at home or a business. Many improvements are easy to do and cost little or nothing. For information on scheduling a consultation at your home please see the flyer or contact Gary Rivers ([email protected]org or 760-966-3587) or Jonathan Simon ([email protected]org or 760-966-3588) from the Sheriff's Department.


During weather that could damage power circuits and lines, SDG&E will monitor their circuits and shut off power to avoid lines and equipment starting fires. Unfortunately when they do this, us and the Fire Department do not receive information on when power could be restored.


Here are two links that you can access on your phone that may be of help:

The Outage Map is probably the most helpful. On the shutoff page, they have information on the process and FAQ's that may help answer your questions.


Once power is cut-off due to a planned or unplanned outage, they cannot turn the power back on until they inspect the line(s) that are in the circuit. They don't want to energize a downed line they did not know about. So that process takes time... they patrol via foot, vehicle and helicopter depending on the type and length of circuit involved. You can imagine the work if the line is a few miles long...


We can't give accurate updates on this process, because we are not involved and the process is dynamic. Usually we will have residents call SDG&E directly or check the above web pages. 
SDG&E number: 1-800-411-7343.


Our advice is to have a plan if the power goes off. Be prepared to use a generator, alternate cold storage, flashlights, etc. If you use a generator, connect it to the device you wish to power. Check with SDG&E about this prior to having to use it.


Your gate has to have battery backup - Fire Code requires this. The battery will open the gate in a loss of power. All gates have an alternate mechanical way to open the gate as well - look at your instruction manual or ask your gate installer. Usually it is a lever or bolt that can be moved to open the gate.


The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has implemented a service to keep residents informed of helicopter announcements. These announcements are typically made to inform nearby residents of a missing person or suspect, or a critical incident to give people notification quickly. To receive helicopter messages, text "HELLO" to (858) 866-HELO (4356) each time you hear announcements being made by a helicopter in your area. This is not an automated or push notification service, and residents will need to text the prompt each time. Visit the Sheriff's Department website to learn more about this service.