Building Commissioner - Full Time


TITLE:                   Building Commissioner

REPORTS TO:    Rancho Santa Fe Association Manager

LEVEL:                 Senior Management


DATE:                    November 7, 2018


The Building Commissioner (the “Commissioner”) is the manager responsible for (1) directing the work of the Building Department’s staff in reviewing construction projects submitted by Members of the Rancho Santa Fe Association (the “Members”) to determine whether such projects meet the requirements of the Rancho Santa Fe Protective Covenant (the “Protective Covenant”), Regulatory Code and Design Guidelines and qualify for approval and (2) directing the work of the Planning’s Staff for projects specified in the Protective Covenant that require the recommendation and/or approval of Covenant Design Review Committee (the “CDRC”) and Board of Directors of the Rancho Santa Fe Association (the “Board”) and/or Members. The Commissioner is the staff person to the CDRC.

The Commissioner supervises staff who are trained to perform professional work in the field of design review and landscape plan evaluation to assist Members, design professionals, developers, realtors, contractors and potential buyers of property in the Covenant on building design review, landscaping, code enforcement and development related matters.

Specific activities may include land planning, subdivision, commercial and residential construction, lot line adjustments, Protective Covenant modifications, assistance to the CDRC on planning items, liaison with the County of San Diego and major project management duties.


  • Supervise and evaluate staff in the review of development projects for consistency with the Protective Covenant, Regulatory Code and Design Guidelines.
  • Hire, supervise and evaluate consultants to assist the CDRC and staff.
  • Supervise and conduct plan checks and issue building permits.
  • Supervise field inspection of construction permits for consistency with the Protective Covenant, Regulatory Code and Design Guidelines.
  • Supervise the review of applications for completeness.
  • Oversee all aspects of land-use applications including boundary adjustments, subdivisions, Protective Covenant modifications and other land-use matters. Responsible for feasibility studies, land use, entitlements and zoning.



  • Review and make recommendations to CDRC, the Board and Association Manager for improvement of the Protective Covenant’s land-use and planning matters.
  • Communicate Association land-use regulations and ensures proper compliance is followed.
  • Recommend and evaluate the approval or denial of land-use applications (Protective Covenant modifications, subdivisions, lot line adjustments) dealing with issues of significant complexity in accordance with the Protective Covenant, Bylaws, and regulations.
  • Confer with and advise Members, architects, builders, attorneys, contractors, engineers and the general public regarding the requirements of the Protective Covenant, Regulatory Code and Design Guidelines.
  • Review development proposals for consistency with the Protective Covenant.
  • Provide recommendations to the CDRC and the Board on development proposals.
  • Analyze complex projects as needed to achieve the Association’s goals.
  • Advise the CDRC on all matters brought before them.
  • Perform site visits to evaluate a proposals consistency with the Protective Covenant, Regulatory Code or Design Guidelines.


  • Prepare staff reports to the Board and CDRC as necessary.
  • Maintain knowledge of industry trends and code changes and ensure compliance in all land-use planning areas.
  • Prepare letters to applicants confirming CDRC decisions.


  • Outstanding organizational and planning skills
  • Customer service orientation
  • Ethical conduct
  • Outstanding people skills
  • Sound decision making skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytical problem solver
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Verbal and written communication proficiency
  • Experience in Common Interest Developments including the required legal governing documents
  • Multi-disciplinary environmental planning, urban planning, zoning, entitlement process, land development, and design
  • Project management and analysis
  • Telecommunications infrastructure and business development
  • Demonstrated strength in documentation and mitigation
  • Manage teams of consultants, architectural and legal and governmental entities
  • Ability to make professional presentations


Must be able to analyze many variables and choose the most effective course of action. Complex, controversial and problematic issues/questions must be directed to the Association Manager or CDRC as necessary for consultation. The position must be able to handle unique and diverse work problems on a daily basis. Must be able to resolve problems, handle conflict and make effective decisions under pressure. Must relate and interact with people at all levels. Plans and expedites the flow of work while ensuring the smooth operation of the office under the pressure of frequent interruptions and changes in priorities.


The position must have knowledge of principles and practice of urban planning, architectural design, civil engineering and landscaping. A Bachelor Degree, or the equivalent of a Bachelor Degree, is required from an accredited four-year college or university with major course work in planning, architecture, landscape architecture or a closely related field; and at least five years of progressively responsible experience in municipal planning/community development, including one year of project management experience and work on more complex planning issues. Prior planning experience in a California municipality is desirable.