COVID-19 Golf Club Updates

March 20, 2020  – These are scary times, with unprecedented events occurring all around us. The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has touched our lives directly, and indirectly, in ways we could not imagine a few short weeks ago.

In response, Governor Newsom has ordered all but those businesses "in critical infrastructure sectors" to close and their employees to shelter in place at home. Consequently, we will be closing the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to all golf-related activities effective immediately.

Those who want to pick up their golf equipment (clubs, shoes, etc.) will be able to do that up until this Sunday at 2:00pm. After that, the Players Clubhouse will be closed and no service personnel will be on hand to assist you.  Many of you have asked about the golf course maintenance during this period.  Tim and his team have developed an operating plan to maintain the course with a focus on turf health and the ability to regain normal conditions in the shortest time possible when we are allowed to reopen.

The Governor was specific in designating the type of "food-to-go" service we initiated a few days ago as critical. So, in that spirit, we will continue to offer our lunch and dinner menu, with reduced prices, available to be picked up curbside. 

Rest assured that, in keeping this service going, we are taking every sanitary precaution. Although it might add a little to your wait time, those employees who bring your food to you will wear gloves and wash their hands after every delivery. The hygiene habits in our kitchen have already been heightened to a degree way beyond that required by law but we will go even further, using sanitized plastic gloves and scrubbing surfaces often.
Obviously, we ask anybody with cold or flu symptoms to stay home while healthy family members or loved ones pick up the food.

We hope this service helps a little during this time of limited social interaction, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, with open arms, once the Coronavirus danger has passed and all restrictions have been lifted.

Brad Shupe
General Manager


March 17, 2020 – The RSFGC Board of Governors has made the following decisions, effective immediately:

  • Close the Ranch Clubhouse restaurant and create a "to go" capability that will support our members while they are forced to restrict their dining and social activities.
  • Keep the Players Clubhouse, pro shop, and golf course open for members only. No guests. No events. No team play.
  • Keep the snack bar open for member golfers, with the patio set up for small groups only.

These are extraordinary times. We realize how difficult it is to cope with lifestyle intrusions that would have been unimaginable weeks ago. Our staff stands ready to help you in any way we can, and hope our new "food to-go" operation makes your lives a little less complicated and more enjoyable.  Please note there are several new items, including pizzas from our new 1,000-degree wood fired oven. We have also lowered prices and there is no service charge. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve you.