Safety Advice

Home Security

Residents are encouraged to use their security systems, lock doors, and windows. Many crimes involve opportunistic criminals.

Report Suspicious Activity

Because homes are spread across large parcels of property, keeping an eye on your neighbor’s house can be difficult. One effective tip is to look out for any type of suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity in the area. As you leave or arrive home, pay attention to surrounding people and vehicles. Do not hesitate to report the activity to the Patrol or Sheriff. Timely reporting is very important.

Vacation Checks

RSF Patrol provides security and vacation check services to all Association members. Members may fill out the online form below or call (858) 756-4372. Use this form for vacation checks only. If you would like to request extra patrol / security checks for a reason other than vacation leave or to report a crime, please call (858) 756-4372.

Vacation Check Request Form