RSF Fire

District Phone Number: (858) 756-5971
Dispatch Fire Phone Number: (858) 756-3006
Dispatch Patrol Phone Number: (858) 756-4372
Fire Chief: David McQuead
Rancho Santa Fe Fire District Website

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District provides fire prevention and suppression services for the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe and its adjacent communities. The Fire District is a full-time fire protection agency and provides advanced life support and paramedic services for residents in their district.

Additional back-up response is available for major events through auto-aid and mutual-aid agreements with nearby cities and fire protection districts.

Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District was formed in October 1946 by an order of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. It was an all-volunteer agency with one chief and 15 fire suppression positions. Today, the Fire District is comprised of a Chief, four battalion chiefs, 39 fire suppression experts (including firefighters, paramedics, engineers and captains), four fire-prevention specialists and three administrative positions -- all of whom operate out of four full-time fire stations with a separate administrative headquarters. Station 1 is located at 16936 El Fuego in the center of the Covenant and two blocks from the Village.

The Fire District has tips to keep your home, property and family protected from the threat of wildfires. Please read this important information on the district website at on the Prepare & Prevent  tab and scroll down to the section Preparing for Wildfire.

The Fire District is governed by a five-person board of directors, who are elected to four-year terms and reside within the district.