Art Jury Committee Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2006

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Present: President Mark McClure, Vice President Diane Larsen, Secretary Jack Queen and Members Ken Markstein and Gail Frazar

Also Present: Building Commissioner Robert Green, Senior Planner Kirk Dakan, Associate Planner Arnold Keene, Consulting Architect Jim Kelley-Markham and Administrative Assistant Nadine Garcia and Assistant Planner Liz Avalon for the Rancho Osuna Subdivisio

The Minutes of the February 21, 2006 meeting were approved as written.

Staff Reports:

Building Commissioner Green noted that potential backup consulting architect Jim Alcorn from San Diego would be invited to the next meeting if the Art Jury wishes. The Art Jury agreed.

Building Commissioner Green and Senior Planner Dakan discussed questions which the Art Jury had re: conflict of interest and Par. 57 of the Protective Covenant.

Associate Planner Arnold Keene spoke about the Carlsbad Watershed’s $5 million grant available to help eradicate non-native, invasive plants that become pests. He said they gave a presentation to the Board and the Board was very impressed and thought the Art Jury would benefit from seeing the presentation as well. The Art Jury agreed that they would be interested in seeing the presentation and asked staff to schedule it for a future meeting.

President McClure asked if there is money left in the budget to purchase more architectural reference books. He wants to isolate some pictures to mount on boards to show applicants during meetings. Building Commissioner Green said that he will check the budget.  Jim Kelley-Markham advised President McClure to indicate the pictures that he wants copied and then Administrative Assistant Garcia can copy them and mount them on boards.

Consent Calendar: A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the consent calendar.


Agee  Via del Alba - Property I.D. 37.3.6
Workshop Application: Residence/Garage (9,991 sq. ft.), Attached Covered Areas (1,757 sq. ft.), Barn (2,109 sq. ft.), Grading, Fencing & Walls, Entry Gate/Pilasters, Pool/Spa, Request to keep 3 horses on 3.03 acres

Mark Mcclure abstained and recused himself from the meeting.

Greg Agee and John Jensen attended the meeting.

The Art Jury made the following comments:

  1. Overall Comment:

    Please create an architectural appearance for the project that is in compliance with the Protective Covenant and Residential Design Guidelines. The Art Jury is making no further comment on the specifics of the architecture, height or bulk because the entire project will change as a result of this necessary requested revision. Please review the following for guidance:

    Protective Covenant,  Paragraph 157:
    “Type I shall be that distinctive type of architecture which for several decades has been successfully developing in California, deriving its chief inspiration directly or indirectly from Latin types, which developed under similar climatic conditions along the Mediterranean or at points in California, such as Monterey.”

    Residential Design Guidelines, Page 36
    “Inappropriate Design
    Among the design types which clearly clash with the traditional design philosophy of Rancho Santa Fe are:  …

    • Dutch Colonial…
    • New England…
    • American Colonial…

    Additionally, the use of individual design components from any of these inappropriate design types is strongly discouraged. Generally speaking, design types which represent non-indigenous regional or foreign architectural genres will be unacceptable”.

  2. Suggestion for an alternative design type.
    The Art Jury suggested that you may wish to consider a Monterey design which could have some of the characteristics of your submitted project but be consistent with the Covenant.   
  3. Specific Comments
      1. Please submit a new imagery booklet with your redesigned project.
      2. Please do not have garage doors facing the street per Paragraph 113 of the Protective Covenant,
        1. Please do not have faux garage doors facing the street.
        2. Please do not have carports in a visually prominent location facing the street.
      3. Please revise the horse keeping facilities/guest house:
        1. Please substantially reduce the height and bulk of the barn building. The size of the barn is in excess of the need for three horses.
          1. Consider an “L” shape for the barn/guest house to reduce height and visual bulk.
          2. Revise the design to eliminate the center aisle. Aisles add significant bulk to barns and are best reserved for structures used to accommodate more horses than the current proposal.
        2. Please move the location of the barn behind the house to lessen the amount of building mass visible from the street.
        3. Ensure that the 150-foot radius for the horse keeping originates from the perimeter of the turnouts as well as the barn structure.
      4. Revise the alignment of the driveway so that it does not cross the entire frontage of the home. The currently proposed alignment reduces the area for landscaping between the house and the street.
      5. Explore centering the house along the width of the property to allow greater flexibility in locating the driveway, garages, Fire Department access and barn access.  
      6. When the Preliminary Application is submitted, attach written approval from those neighbors that will have new fencing directly on the property line, (or locate the fence a minimum of five feet from the property line with landscaping between). 
  4. Please resubmit for another Workshop Application.

Determination of whether planting of trees at 16221 Via del Alba requires Art Jury approval: The Art Jury reviewed correspondence from a member regarding planting of trees at the above site and determined that Art Jury approval was not necessary for this work.

Venekamp & Schireson Via del Alba - Property I.D. 32.9.6
Workshop Application: Addition (352 sq. ft.), Attached Garage (1,512 sq. ft.), Grading, Retaining Walls, Fencing & Walls, Entry Gate/Pilasters, Landscape, Re-roof, Repaint, Colors & Materials, Pool/Spa, Solar, Propane Tank

Dave Lyon and Matt Peterson attended the meeting.

The Art Jury made the following comments:

  1. Please submit for a Preliminary Application according to the New Submittal deadline.
  2. With your next application include a construction detail of the recessed windows.
  3. Submit a manufacturer’s cut sheet of the garage doors.
  4. The appropriateness of the slate roof will be evaluated with the full submittal.
  5. Please have all of the windows as casement, not sliding.
  6. Ensure that the muntin patterns on the windows and doors are consistent.
  7. The Art Jury thanks you for the changes made in response to previous comments.

Clotfelter La Glorieta - Property I.D. 33.6.20
Workshop Application: Residence/Garage (11,326 sq. ft.), Attached Covered Areas (2,230 sq. ft.), Detached Guesthouse (1,079 sq. ft.), Grading, Retaining Walls, Fencing & Walls, Entry Gate/Pilasters, Pool/Spa

Miguel Elias and John Jensen attended the meeting.

  1. The Art Jury made the following comments:
    1. The Art Jury still has concerns regarding the visual bulk of the project.
      1. A significant reduction in bulk is necessary to gain the approval of the Art Jury. Please revise the design to substantially reduce the prominence of the view of the project from La Glorieta near the north east corner of the lot (based on the plan’s north arrow). This view will encompass both the north and east side of the main residence as well as the guest house (in its currently proposed location). 
        1. Please eliminate building mass from the east side of the house. The current width of the house occupies a substantial amount of the width of the property, reducing the area available for landscaping.
        2. Reduce the size of the guest house.
        3. Move the guest house.
        4. Consider the use of underground garages and possibly other living spaces.
        5. You are encouraged to submit a perspective sketch of the project as seen from the northeast. Include the guest house in this perspective if it would be visible.
  2. Further reduce the amount of proposed fill.
      1. Lower the pad elevation of the pool.
      2. Please orient the guest house parallel to the topographic lines.
  3. If the requested changes are made in small incremental steps, the review process will be lengthy. 
  4. Please submit for another Workshop Application.

    Rancho Osuna LLC 16332 Via de Santa Fe - Property I.D. 38.2.1
    Subdivision of an existing Covenant parcel consisting of approximately 27.99 gross acres into eight parcels of 3.50, 3.27, 3.07, 3.53, 3.65, 3.96, 3.32, and 3.62 gross acres.   This parcel currently contains the historic Rancho Osuna Adobe.                       

This letter is to provide you with the Art Jury’s comments on the proposed 8-lot subdivision (RSFA/TM-05-04 revised #2) reviewed at the Art Jury meeting of March 7, 2006.  As agreed by all parties at the meeting, the Art Jury is deferring making a recommendation to the Board of Directors so that the Art Jury and applicants can work together in a special meeting to develop an alternative subdivision design that will address the Art Jury’s site-design concerns, allow for some increase in density from the original 5-lot proposal (submitted as RSFA/TM-05-04 and RSF/TM-05-04, revised #1), and will also provide a separate lot for the Osuna Adobe. Please contact staff to set a date for this special meeting.

At this time, the Art Jury will not make a recommendation of approval or conditional approval for the proposed subdivision, RSFA/TM-05-04, revised #2. While your proposal meets the objective standards for a subdivision, the application must also meet the subjective aesthetic criteria contained in the Association’s Protective Covenant, Regulatory Code, and applicable Covenant Acceptance Agreement as illustrated in the Residential Design Guidelines. Based on the proposal reviewed today, the Art Jury cannot make the required findings contained in Chapter 60 of the Regulatory Code, and also cannot find that the proposed map “insures a uniform and reasonably high standard of artistic result and attractiveness, in exterior and physical appearance … of property and improvements”, as required by Paragraph 46 of the Protective Covenant. 

You now have the option of either submitting revised plans to the Art Jury for review, or moving forward to an Association Board hearing. Please note that if you choose to go forward to the Board without an Art Jury recommendation of approval, a five-member supermajority vote of the Board is required for the map to be approved.


    Gruen La Crescenta - Property I.D. 7.1.1
    Preliminary Application: Additions to Residence (1,825 sq. ft.), Addition to Attached Garage (1,225 sq. ft.), Attached Covered Areas (625 sq. ft.), Conversion of Garage to Guesthouse, Landscape, Re-roof

The Art Jury DEFERRED the Preliminary Application with the following comments:

    1. Please use a different roof form over the large porch addition. The asymmetrical massing is not in keeping with the style and age of the house.
    2. Please further refine the appearance of the exterior stairway from the roof deck to the south patio.
      1. Continue the use of the “open” design to the other side of the stairway as well as other measures to reduce the massive appearance.
      2. Resolve the connection between the stairs and the upper patio at the top of the stairs.
        1. The architectural elevations of the stair area do not appear to coincide with the roof plan. The roof plan indicates that a portion of the stairs may be as narrow as two feet. 
    3. Please re-orient the roof on the farthest end garage. That garage roof sheds water against the stucco surface of the adjacent garages. The alignment of the garage roof has an unconventional appearance that is inconsistent with the historical nature of the building.
    4. Please clarify that all of the chimneys will be consistent with one another. Some of the existing chimneys have a narrow band of stone at the top that is inconsistent with the Spanish design of the house.
    5. Please resolve whether the roof will be tile or imitation shake.
    6. With your next application please include a manufacturer’s cut-sheet of the proposed garage doors.

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